The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received

The worst advice I’ve ever received seem to have always come from unsolicited sources.

Isn’t that often the case? Those people who are the most negative, most insecure, who never have anything good to say always seem to want everyone around them to hear it?

I remember when I was dating Lindsay, who is now my wife, I ran into an old friend. After introducing my friend to her, he actually pulled me aside and knowing that I also worked for her grandfather, advised me that I was making a mistake dating her. “When she breaks up with you, you will also lose your job.” (I can’t remember if he’s on his second or third wife as I type this.) Not the best person to take relational advice from. Of course, there’s also the fact I didn’t ask for it either.

And then there are those people who deliver their unsolicited bad advise in the form of a word from The Lord. They start and end their horrible council with phrases like “I just heard from The Lord” or “I just felt The Lord wanted me to share that with you”. (Most of the time that seems to come when they can tell you’re not really listening or taking seriously what they are saying and they think that pulling the God card will add weight to what they’re telling you.)

When I was growing up my Mom would often tell us to “consider the source” whenever we would have something negative said to us. I can honestly say that at the time I didn’t put much stock in her wise words, but now it has become a life rule.

The Apostle Paul gave us similar counsel in I Thessalonians 5:21 when he admonishes us to “Test all things; hold fast what is good.” (That’s advice I am happy to follow.)

Now, I’m not saying that every piece of unsolicited advice is always going to be bad. I’m sure if I was able to remember every conversation I’ve ever had, there would be a lot more good advice than bad. I’m just saying choose wisely. Don’t get yourself wrapped up in everything people tell you. Learn to walk in wisdom and use discernment. Surround yourself with trusted, solid council. Understand that not everyone has your best interest in mind, and not everyone has a healthy perspective on what you’re going through.

And just so you know, the irony of me giving you this peace of unsolicited advice about unsolicited advise is not lost on me… But hopefully, you’ll even prayerfully test this and decide for yourself if it’s something good for you.