Another Reason I Love Twitter… Goofing Off With My Friends Around The Globe.

This morning while walking the halls of our Worship Center at Shady Grove Church, I smelled the familiar scent of burnt popcorn coming down the hall from the Relic Federation Studio.

Of course the only thing I could do about it was call our Worship Pastor, Levi Smith out on it publicly on Twitter.

Levi then went on to throw Allyster, one of our missionaries to Belgium, who is currently in the studio working on their ministries new french worship album under the bus.

As I was halfway across the parking lot between our Worship Center and our House of Prayer and staff offices, I received this response from Zach, another of our missionaries who is currently in Belgium with his family… I proceeded to laugh out loud in the parking lot, probably looking pretty foolish to anyone seeing me from their office windows.

Finally, Allyster spoke up in defense of himself placing the blame squarely back on Levi.

Four of my closest friends, spread out around the Globe, goofing off together like we were in the same room.

The Twitter Circle of Life.