Art, Fashion, & The Creepiest Mannequins EVER

I took my wife to see The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk  at the Dallas Museum of Art for her birthday this week. She is a huge fan of fashion and the exhibit was very good. She LOVED it.

One of my favorite part about going to exhibits like this is the actual installation of the art, how the museum, or designer chooses to showcase the different pieces. I actually might be more interested in that than anything else.

In that regard this exhibit was INCREDIBLE. They went to great lengths to make every exhibit room unique and incredibly creative… me being a bit tech obsessed I appreciated one aspect of this installation about all else and that is the “animated faces” of some of the mannequins. There was about 3o of the 100+ pieces that each  had it’s own projector that projected a “wrapped” face on the head. At different times the faces would have their eyes open or closed, looking around, talking to each other, and at one point singing together.

It was creative and extremely creepy at the same time.

There are a few pictures above that I found around the web (you weren’t allowed to take pictures yourself), but the pictures really don’t do the effect justice. You just have to see it.


There’s a few more “behind the scenes” posts about the exhibit and installation at the DMA’s behind the scenes blog, “Dallas Museum of Art: Uncrated” you can check out, it’s pretty interesting stuff.