Stray Words

I’m not sure we understand the power of our words. One negative, hurtful word, said out of hand or without thought, is like a seed that gets stuck deep into a person’s soul. You might think that what I’m saying is extreme but think with me a minute. Go back to the earliest memory you have of someone saying something hurtful to you, and tell me how it STILL feels.


We get angry and strikeout. An off-handed comment, a verbal jab said without thinking. And that word sinks in. It begins to grow. It feeds on self-esteem, and its fruit is insecurity. Over time the person’s spirit grows weak, brittle, then broken.

Most of the time the only thing left is BITTERNESS.

Now a person who was once full of joy is nothing. Destroyed by a stray thought, a word spoken out of a flash of emotion.


But all is not lost. If this is what we can do with a thoughtless word spoken, imagine what we could do if we learn to speak words that BUILD. Those kinds of words bring LIFE.

Simple Advice Before You Post Online

Think of your favorite social media platform as a place you go in real life. Maybe it’s a coffee shop, church, a park. Somewhere you go to spend time with people face to face.

Now, before you post anything online think about this, if you were at that favorite spot, surrounded by people, some you know and some who are strangers, would you say out loud what you were about to post online?

If what you were about to publish was about someone else, if they were in the same place, within earshot, would you say what you were about to post? (Would you say it to there face?)

If the answer is no, you probably shouldn’t post whatever it is you are thinking about posting.

Sidebar: Posting a selfie is like being in that favorite place surrounded my people and yelling out at the top of your lungs, “Hey everybody, look at me!!! Look what I’m doing! Aren’t I amazing!” (No one wants to be that guy.)