The Sky is Falling!… The World Is Ending!… Facebook Is Changing!… And Other Thoughts On Change.

This week both Facebook and Instagram, two very popular, very FREE services, updated their systems and made some unpopular changes. And with the way people have reacted to these changes,  you would think that the good of the World was at stake, instead of remembering that both of these services are free and people are in no way obligated to use them.

But these changes, and the way some people have responded to them have gotten me thinking about CHANGE…

There’s nothing we can do about it. People change, places change, churches change, your favorite restaurants menu is going to Change ect… THINGS CHANGE!

Above is a screen grab of what the first version of Facebook looked like. At the time, there were only a few features available and you had to be a student at Harvard to join. So, if you went to Harvard, you could communicate with anyone around the world… As long as they also went to Harvard. That’s no longer the case. Facebook changed, they grew, and now I can find out what my friends in Peru are having for lunch by checking my phone.

Here’s another example.

I have a son named Cameron. As I write this he’s almost two years old. Every single day something about him changes. He gets taller, gets bigger, his personality is developing so it’s changing, along with many other things. Needless to say, Cameron’s changing a lot . He’s changing because he’s growing. He’s growing because he’s healthy and healthy things grow. If my son wasn’t growing, wasn’t developing, something would be wrong. And THAT would be bad.

The truth is, we all have a problem with change. I know I do. I know that Cameron growing up is a good thing, but honestly, he’s my baby boy. Part of me wants him to stay a little boy forever. Sometimes I see how big both my kids are getting and I get a little heartbroken. But it’s supposed to happen, and I can either embrace the changes happening in him and enjoy watching him go from baby to boy and eventually boy to man OR I can get upset, complain, cry, get angry and be miserable. But you know what? No matter what I do, no matter how I respond or react, Cameron’s gonna grow up.
So there’s a choice I have to make. I can live in the past and only dwell on who Cameron WAS, or I can embrace who the change and enjoy watching who Cameron is becoming. I personally would rather enjoy life then be miserable over something I can’t even control.

Now, some of you might be reading this and be thinking how stupid it is for me to even be putting the life of my son on the same level as something like Facebook, that’s basically just a toy. Cameron is so much more important then Facebook… And your right, and that leads me to my last point.

Growing up, when ever I would get upset and cry over a toy breaking or getting lost, my mom would ALWAYS answer, “That toys not gonna cry over you, why are you crying over it?”.
There are so many things in this world to be upset about. So much pain and injustice. Don’t you think there is SOMETHING… ANYTHING… Other than a few changes to Facebook to spend your emotions on? The reality is, the only thing that would happen if things like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ceased to exist, is we would all probably get more work done.



Ps. These are just a few thoughts I’ve been having and have about change, but I’d love to hear yours… Any quotes or stories on change that you remember from growing up?