VIDEO: Just a quick clip of my AMAZING daughter in her school program. NAILED IT!


Last Thursday Reese had her kindergarten end of year program. There was lots of singing and waving and awkward silences as we waited for certain kids to remember what they were supposed to do or say. Not everyone had lines, but they all got to say their names on the mic in front of everyone. (which was harder for some then others)

Here is the video of Reese’s lines she did while her group was talking about “Old Glory”. The audio isn’t great, but it’s pretty good considering I was recording from the hall outside of the HOT and CRAMPED school cafeteria they had the program in.

In case you are wondering, Reese’s line is, “13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies. Red stands for valor, white stands for purity, blue stands for loyalty.” SHE NAILED IT.

(For and added bonus, pay close attention to Reese in the background AFTER she says her line. You can tell she was REALLY into this whole program thing.)