An Encouraging Word From Reese… Sort Of…

(Picture via my wife Lindsay’s Instagram feed.)

Even though I’m a Pastor and that requires me to attend a large amount of special events like weddings and funerals, I very rarely wear a suit or tie to anything. I honestly just don’t like them. I actually avoid wearing them like the plague. BUT last Friday night I had the honor of officiating the wedding of one of my great friend Andrew Taylor to his now wife Heather.

Because it was such a special occasion, I decided to pull out all the stops and bust out a suit and tie for the festivities. (Even though it was an OUTDOOR wedding in the middle of a HOT Texas Summer. 104 degrees after dark.)

This may have been the only time my Daughter Reese has ever seen me dressed in anything but jeans and a T-shirt, so when I came out of my room and walked into the kitchen where she was at the table eating, I was greeted like this, “Daddy… Oh my GOODNESS! You look so beautiful!… You, You, You look like a HANDSOME PRINCE!” ( Insert huge hug and squeal)

She was absolutely awestruck… and I, needless to say, was feeling VERY good about myself and my wardrobe descision… UNTIL Reese took another look at me and said, “Daddy, you look SO handsome… except… I think you need to wear a wig… no one should see your bald head and broken hair.”

Thanks Reese. Thanks for keeping Daddy humble. I love you too.

Of course, you can’t really ever be mad at a girl that’s THIS cute can you?