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Minnesota Band Directors perform “On A Hymnsong Of Philip Bliss” by David Holsinger

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This song has been wrecking me this week.

The most life-changing encounter I have ever had with God was when I had the audacity to challenge God to prove Himself to me.

Instead of ignoring me or striking me down in my arrogance, He responded in love, and He answered me.

And I have never forgotten that day.

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{Video} The “GOOD NEWS” of the GOSPEL

The “GOOD NEWS” of the GOSPEL is not that we get to go to Heaven. The”GOOD NEWS” of the GOSPEL is that the KINGDOM of HEAVEN is here… Now… for EVERYONE.


“Sometimes the further He feels, the closer He is”. Love that line from this piece.

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[Video] Amazing billboard in Peru that produces drinking water out of air.

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“Merry Christmas Exclamation Point”

“Merry Christmas Exclamation Point”… My Christmas message to you.


This video will break your heart & then put it back together again. “Dad Films Premature Son’s Miraculous First Year”