Here’s My “Personal Classics” Suggested Reading List. What’s Yours?

I’ve decided to take a little detour from the current task of trying to shrink the stack of new books next to my bed and re-visit/re-read the books from my “Personal Classics” list. (You can see my 2011 list of books I’ve just finished or am currently reading here.)

Each of these books made a huge impact on my life. I can actually tell you where I was and what I was going through personally when I read each of these books. That’s the impact they had.

Now, I don’t agree with EVERYTHING said by the authors in some of these and other books they’ve written, but, if we only read or listen to the people we agree 100% with, we will never really grow. I want to be stretched. I want to think things I have never thought about subjects I have never thought about. Even better, I want to hear a new perspective on an old subject that I might think I know everything there is to know and am completely secure in my opinions of that subject.

Most of these books were like that for me. Ground breaking. Mindset breaking. Habit breaking. In some cases, will breaking.

Here’s my list of personal classics:

  • Mere Christianity- C.S. Lewis
  • Maximized Manhood- Edwin Louis Cole
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie
  • The Jesus I Never Knew- Philip Yancey
  • Faith- Phil Pringle
  • How to Experience Revival- Charles G. Finney
  • In The Name of Jesus- Henry J. M. Nouwen
  • A Generous Orthodoxy- Brian McClaren
  • The Wounded Healer- Henry J. M. Nouwen
  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit- R.A. Torrey
  • Ever Increasing Faith- Smith Wigglesworth
  • A Tale of Three Kings- Gene Edwards
  • The Master & The Apostle- John Pollock
  • Smith Wigglesworth, A Man Who Walked With God- George Stormont
  • Moving In The Spirit- Phil Pringle

What books have made a major, life changing impact on your life? I would love to check them out. Leave a comment with the book title and author. I really will try to read every book suggested.

If you have an extra copy of the book and want to send it my way you can send it here:

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