Lindsay being dominated by Reese in Monopoly. Neither of these girls like to lose. Very stressful.

Finally found this book! Great reference material. Taking my preaching to the next level!

After months and months and months, finally have some a tomato growing… A single tomato.

The Boys off on an adventure!

This is how we celebrate finishing week 1 of Kindergarten!

It might be bigger than him, but I just couldn’t say no!

I still have a little time to sit & spy on Reese at school.

James Gadberry… One of my favorites… Closing put daily worship w/ POWER!

Just a little “Go to School Bribery”… I’m not ashamed!

More school supplies ready to be delivered!

Reese is checking out her new classroom… Kindergarten starts Monday!

Hoisting this 200lb screen… This may not end well.

What, your Youth Pastors don’t use grinders? What ARE they doing?

From the Washateria to the Home Depot.. #churchlife