Is he getting more ON him or IN him?

Just swingin’…

Dinner @chefpointcafe.

Every toy comes w/ a warning these days. Raising weak kids. Yeah, you make choke, but you’ll also learn something.

Cam loves lining up his toy cars… Then smashing them. He’s all boy.

Block Art…

The ALMOST finished product…

“How glibly we talk of praying without ceasing! Yet we are quite apt to quit, if our prayer remained unanswered but one week or month! We assume that by a stroke of His arm or an action of His will, God will give us what we ask. It never seems to dawn on us, that He is the Master of nature, as of grace, and that, sometimes He chooses one way, and sometimes another in which to do His work. It takes years, sometimes, to answer a prayer and when it is answered, and we look backward we can see that it did. But God knows all the time, and it is His will that we pray, and pray, and still pray, and so come to know, indeed and of a truth, what it is to pray without ceasing.” — ANON.

Loves getting his picture taken.

Cam loves his train. Grandad would be proud!

“Ice Creme” eating contest. (actually frozen Mayo, they just don’t know)

First Baptist Church Johnson City, Tx. @olengriffing’s first church.